SJCAM SJ8 PRO Action Camera v1.3.2 Firmware Upgrade & Changelog

It turns out that some SJ8 Pro users were trying to download the latest firmware version for months. We learned this from the forums and comments on our blog.

We just got our hands on the SJ8pro action camera firmware upgrade and changelog. Please let us know if you find any bugs or have any features requests.

SJCAM SJ8 Pro Firmware Download

Follow these steps to install the new firmware v1.3.2:

1. Use the same Class 10 or higher MicroSD card you use in your SJ8 PRO (U3 recommended):

2. Download the attached file below and extract the contents from the zipped file to your computer.

3. Copy the firmware files to your MicroSD card, and make sure you have at least 50% power on your camera’s battery.

4. Insert the card into the camera.

5. Turn the camera on, and the installation process will begin.

You don’t need to do anything, a message will show next that the camera is checking the firmware files and proceed.

Once done, the camera will soon restart into the new firmware.

The firmware files will automatically be deleted from the card, and you may use your camera immediately.

You may verify that the new firmware is installed by going to General Settings > Version

You may also get the SJ8 PRO Official Downloadable Manual from HERE.

SJCAM SJ8 Pro v1.3.2 Firmware Changelog:

Date: 20180513

SJCAM V1.1.1 modified content: SJCAM_SJ8_PRO-V1.1.1

  1. Enhance 4K30. 4K60 contrast;
  2. Modify the color tone (for some color temperature scenes);
  3. Fix the inaccurate shutter time when taking pictures;
  4. Repair APP occasionally unable to preview phenomenon;
  5. Add switch small screen option;
  6. Increase the switch indicator option;
  7. Add microphone volume control options;
  8. Optimize machine stability;

Date: 20180516

SJCAM V1.2.0 modified content:
1, Recording mode: increase 4K 24fps resolution
2, Recording mode: increase 4K UItra 24fps resolution

  1. Video mode: increase 2.7K 24fps/25fps/30fps/50fps/60fps resolution
  2. Video mode: increase 1440P 24fps resolution
    5 Video mode: increase the resolution of 1080P 24fps
    6, Recording mode: adjust 1440P 25fps/30fps/50fps/60fps to 16:9 (2560*1440) mode
  3. Video mode: fix the problem that the anti-shake setting is not saved when shutting down;
    8, Recording mode: fix the problem of 720P240FPS sound and picture out of sync
    9, Recording mode: Fix the problem of FPV crash during recording
  4. Photo mode: shutter speed increase by 1/500 second, 1/240 second, 1/120 second, 1/60 second, 10 second, 15 second, 20 second, 30 second, 60 second option
  5. Photo mode: add “saving” UI reminder
  6. Photo mode: when the shutter speed is set to greater than 2 seconds, add a countdown reminder
  7. Photo mode: increase the ISO setting function
  8. Photo mode: fix the problem that the distortion settings are not saved when shutting down
  9. Interval photo mode: add 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes options
  10. Interval photo mode: Increase the shutter time setting
  11. Interval photo mode: Added ISO setting function
  12. Interval photo mode: add countdown reminder
  13. Interval recording mode: add 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes options
  14. Continuous shooting mode: increase the ISO setting function
  15. Car mode: add anti-shake option
  16. Playback mode: modify to turn the page when previewing videos and pictures
  17. Playback mode: fix the problem that the video cannot be deleted when deleting
    24, modify the small screen battery icon indication
    25, Fix English translation errors
    26, Optimize UI

Date: 20180525

SJCAM V1.2.1 modified content:

  1. Interval photo mode: increase photo size options
  2. Interval photo mode: add RAW function
  3. Continuous shooting mode: add photo size options
  4. Video + camera mode: add compression format options
  5. Video + camera mode: add distortion correction options
  6. Video + camera mode: increase the support resolution 4k 25fps/30fps/50fps/60fps resolution
  7. Video + camera mode: increase the support resolution 2.7k 50fps/60fps resolution
  8. Video + camera mode: increase the support resolution 1080p 25fps/50fps/60fps/120fps resolution
  9. Video + photo mode: add interval photo time option
  10. Button function: increase the function of ¡°turn down¡± of the power button and ¡°confirm¡± function of the shutter button in the menu options
  11. Fix the bug of abnormal camera pan/tilt mode switching
  12. Sharpness adjustment function is added to all modes
  13. Fix some bugs of EIS
  14. Fix the resolution crash phenomenon that does not support distortion correction
  15. Move the mic volume general setting menu to the support mode setting
  16. Add iso, shutter time information display function
  17. Fix the phenomenon that playback cannot be deleted
  18. Fix some translation errors

Date: 20180604

SJCAM V1.2.2 modified content:

  1. Increase the rotation function
  2. Optimize EIS effect
  3. Fix the crash phenomenon when switching from supported mode to unsupported mode after EIS is turned on
  4. Enhance image contrast
  5. Add function notes for menu options in Chinese and English
  6. Fix the wrong file attribute time when using exfat format memory card

Date: 20180613

SJCAM V1.2.3 modified content:

  1. Fix the phenomenon that there is no sound after recording microphone volume setting

Date: 20180620

SJCAM V1.2.4 modified content:

  1. Fix the problem that the gimbal control may crash after turning on anti-shake
  2. Fix the screen flickering when the power is low after turning on WIFI
  3. Optimize the image color and fix the blue color cast problem in the sky
  4. Fix the problem that sometimes the battery needs to be unplugged before turning on
  5. Improve the menu help instructions
  6. When H265 is turned on at 4k resolution, it is changed to prohibit the use of distortion correction function
  7. Fix the problem of abnormal shutdown when shutting down
  8. The zoom function is prohibited when the anti-shake is turned on
  9. Fix the problem of the countdown indication error when the interval recording is set to 5s
  10. Fix the problem that the camera interface indicates incorrectly when the card is full and the loop recording is turned on

Date: 20180627

SJCAM V1.2.5 modified content:

  1. Repair FPV control abnormality after opening FPV
  2. Modify the problem of automatic recording when the vehicle is turned on manually
  3. Added iso setting function in vehicle mode
  4. Add one-key boot recording function to the recording mode
  5. Modify the control mode of the PTZ shutter button to click to take photos and videos, and double click to switch modes
  6. Fix the phenomenon of blurred photos in photos
  7. Fix the problem of inaccurate calculation of the remaining space of the SD card in photo + video mode
  8. Optimize the image color and fix the yellowish problem of the backlight image
  9. Optimize the display of the small screen and fix the occlusion problem at the bottom of the small screen
  10. Rotation function is disabled in interval recording mode

Date: 20180725

SJCAM V1.2.6 modified content:

  1. Modify known bugs

Date: 20180814

SJCAM V1.2.7 modified content:

  1. Optimize iq effect
  2. Fix the problem of no sound in all videos after the machine is playing silent videos after the mute setting is turned off
  3. Fix the problem of no sound from external microphone
  4. Fix the problem of abnormal color mode settings
  5. Optimize small screen display

Date: 20180814

SJCAM V1.2.8 modified content:

  1. Synchronize updates in different languages
  2. Fix known bugs

Date: 2018108

SJCAM V1.2.9 modified content:

  1. Add multiple languages

Date: 20181017

SJCAM V1.3.0 modified content:

  1. Sync the new UI update of the mobile app
  2. Add the function of setting ISO and shutter simultaneously in camera mode
  3. Fix known bugs

Date: 20181225

SJCAM V1.3.1 modified content:

1: Add automatic restart after crash
2: Boot to repair bad files
3: Change WiFi password through APP
4: Add live broadcast function
5: Modify known bugs



  1. After modifying the exposure compensation and white balance settings, the effect of shutdown and restart will be restored to the default problem
  2. Modify watermark related issues
  3. Solve the problem that the mode interface cannot switch from live broadcast to video mode by pressing the button


  1. I still got the problem what too slow memory message from SJ8 after 10mins


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